Review Policy and Rating Guide

Review Policy

Hi at Bookworms Corner Blog Spot we are happy to receive review requests from publishers, PR representatives and requesting authors.We accept physical copies, audiobooks and Mobi files (that can be either emailed to us by prior arrangement or directly to our Kindle addresses.)

Under no circumstances will we allow anyone to sway our reviews. They are our honest opinions and thoughts.

We would never sell or share any arc copies that we receive.

We will only accept books that we feel would suit our reading tastes. It would be unfair for us to accept a genre that we know in advance that we would not enjoy.

Neither of us will review books specifically about religion or marketed as religious.

Tasha generally reviews Adult Romance, Thriller, Suspense, supernatural romance and similar.

Megan reviews Romance, Thriller, some YA, Manga, adventure and some Non-Fiction.

We both review young children’s story books (we do read these to age appropriate family members and those reviews are based on our opinion of the book, and our audiences opinions.)

We regularly take part in blog tours, and other events, including those involving other bloggers.

If you would like us to review a book then please use our contact page and include a minimum of the following details

  • Genre
  • Author
  • Title
  • Synopsis
  • Release date

Once we agree to review your book we will discuss the finer details. For Example, would you like to be interviewed, what links and author bio would you like to provide for your review, Images you would like shared etc..

While we do not like to turn away requests, we will if we do not have the time or space available to devote to reviewing your book or if we do not feel that we would be a good fit for your book.

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Rating system

Our rating system is the 1-5 star system.

1 star would be rated because we did not enjoy the story at all or did not finish it.

2 stars would be rated because of poor writing or a lack of connection with the book.

3 stars means the book was ok. Not one we would read again but not one to be written off. We also give this rating for a well written book that we just felt no connection to. It does not mean we will not read this author again or that the book was bad.

4 stars. This rating is given for a really well written, enjoyable story that we really liked. We would definitely read the author again and feel we could happily recommend this book to others.

5 stars. This means we loved the book, didn’t want it to end and cannot wait to devour more work by the author.


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