Dad Jokes? I Think You Mean Rad Jokes! by Elias Hill.


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ScreenHunter_104 Mar. 05 14.28





ScreenHunter_104 Mar. 05 14.28

ScreenHunter_128 Mar. 15 13.52


ScreenHunter_104 Mar. 05 14.28



Rating 5 fun stars

I am not a Dad, but oh well. I felt rebelious and entered the sacred territory of the Dad joke!!

I read every joke out to my daughter (and co-blogger) and I struggled because these jokes are undoubtedly ‘Dad jokes’ but some of them had me in tears and my daughter having to (impatiently) wait for me to gain enough control to actual read out the rest of the joke.

I can honestly say that this would be the perfect gift for anyone, male or female, Dad or not. It’s not a big book but it certainly packs a punch(line)

I was given a copy of this book by the Publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review


ScreenHunter_104 Mar. 05 14.28



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