Thirteen by Steve Cavanagh. Review.

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Rating 4. 5 stars.


Well this book was one that I absolutely demolished such was the way that it grabbed my attention and didn’t let go! It is the 4th in series and I have not read the other 3 – Though now I really want to– but I don’t feel it detracted from my thorough enjoyment of Thirteen. 

This is a fast paced, clever, exciting legal thriller and it was everything that a decent thriller should be, exciting, surprising, shocking and nail-biting.

Thirteen is book four in the Eddie Flynn series about an ex-con man turned Defence lawyer. In this book the person on the stand in Hollywood star Robert Solomon who stands accused of his head of security and his wife’s murders. However the focus shouldn’t be on the star on the stand but the killer in the jury.

The twists and gasps come thick and fast and as I said I really did fly through this book, I plan to read it again in the near future to fully appreciate Steve Cavanagh’s outstandingly thrilling thriller! Thirteen has definitely got the wow factor.

I was given a copy of this book by the Publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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Available now on Kindle and released on paperback on June 14th 2018!!!

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Norse Mythology book tag

We can’t wait to do this later in the week. Check out this fun tag on the fabulous shadowriverdaleharley blog!



Odin is the All-Father, the leader of the Norse Gods. He is the god of wisdom, poetry, battle, death, wine, and war, among other things.

I have a lot of favorite stand alones but here are some of my recent favorites


Thor is the god of thunder, weather, warriors, strength, and storms, so his might packs a punch. He is married to the beautiful Lady Sif.




even though this book had confusing writing, this had a shocking plot twist


Frigg is Odin’s wife, the goddess of love, marriage, fertility, and fate.



A court of mist and fury


simon lewis




even though I haven’t…

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Harry Potter Spells book tag

I am going to give this a go. T


1. Accio – the summoning charm. An upcoming release you cannot wait to get your hands on.


Alohamora – the unlocking charm. Favorite series starter.


Cheering Charm. A book that gave you all the warm fuzzies


Aguamenti – water-making spell. A book that made you ugly cry.


Expecto Patronum – the patronus charm. A bookish hero or heroine you’d want around to protect you in real life.

Percy Jackson


Lumos – creates light. A book you intentionally spoiled for yourself.


Imperio – the imperius curse. A book you wish you could make everyone read because you love it so much.


Engorgio – engorgement charm. A book series you wish never ended.


I wanted more of Clary and Simon

Wingardium Leviosa – levitation charm. A book with an uplifting mood or message.


Obliviate – memory charm. A book you wish you could forget you ever read.


Anapneo – clears the target’s…

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35 Blog Post Ideas That You Can Use On Your Next Post

This is a useful list. Keep your eyes peeled for us working through these suggestions (We will always let you know if you are reading about Tasha or Megan.

The Book Maiden

blog post ideas

I don’t know if it’s just me, but there are times that I don’t know what to write aside from the usual book reviews and monthly wrap-ups. Blog ideas are really harder than you think. I listed below some blog post ideas that you can use on your next post in case you still don’t know what to post to keep your blog active.

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Licks. Kelly Siskind. Excerpy Reveal


Licks, an all new standalone Second Chance Romantic Comedy by Kelly Siskind is releasing April 4th!



36 hours is a short spell when racing the clock.
2,160 minutes is an eternity for old friends to fall in love…

August Cruz is the only man I’ve ever loved.
He’s the one who got away.
He’s the one I totally screwed over.

Now he’s standing on my doorstep, nine years later, but he’s not the only thing that turns up. My mother’s lost diary is in my hands, and it might lead me to my father. A possibility I wished for one year ago, at my last birthday.

I have 36 hours to fulfill that wish.
I have 36 hours to drag August on a wild scavenger hunt.
I have 36 hours to protect my heart before I lose him again…because there’s something he’s not telling me.

LICKS is a full-length, standalone Sexy Second Chance Romance with a swoony Happily Ever After.


Pre-Order Your Copy Today!



August was a slight step ahead of me. I followed close on his heels until we were outside. We paused, fingers intertwined. He faced me and ran his thumb over the back of my hand. It was a simple brush, but there was nothing simple about touching August.

We both glanced at our clasped hands. My breath faltered. The past few days had been warm for April, the heatwave steaming the evenings, too. Being with August made it steamier.

He wound both our arms around my back, pulling me against him. “You look beautiful, Possum.”

His nickname for me pinched my heart. As kids, I’d pretend to sleep sometimes while we’d watch TV, like a deceiving possum playing dead. I’d then bolt upright to scare the living shit out of him. A screeching August was supremely entertaining.

I tilted my head back to look into his eyes, every memory we’d shared reflected in those hazel pools. “I’ve missed that nickname.”

His free hand came to my cheek, knuckles brushing it gently. “I’ve missed you. It was always there, under my skin, in every song, but I didn’t realize how much until today. My heart is fucking racing.”

God, this man. I squeezed our laced palms and unfurled my other over his sternum. Over his heart. Need bellowed in that thundering beat. “You don’t smell like grass.”

He wrinkled his nose. “I used to smell like weed?”

“Like grass, dummy. Your lawn mowing business.”

He smiled and shook his head lightly. “We can roll around in a park, if you want.” He sucked on his bottom lip while eyeing mine.

Lord have mercy. “I can’t believe this is happening.”

“Oh, it’s happening.” He gripped my hand tighter, pulled me closer, brushed his nose against mine.

My best friend, the friend I loved irrevocably and thought I’d lost for good, might actually kiss me.



Grab your Copy Today!

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About Kelly Siskind

A small-town girl at heart, Kelly moved from the city to open a cheese shop with her husband in northern Ontario. When she’s not neck deep in cheese or out hiking, you can find her, notepad in hand, scribbling down one of the many plot bunnies bouncing around in her head. She laughs at her own jokes and has been known to eat her feelings—gummy bears heal all. She’s also an incurable romantic, devouring romance novels into the wee hours of the morning.


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The Gargoyle Gets His Girl (Nocturne Falls #3) by Kristen Painter- Review.


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Welcome to Nocturne Falls, the town where Halloween is celebrated 365 days a year. The tourists think it’s all a show: the vampires, the werewolves, the witches, the occasional gargoyle flying through the sky. But the supernaturals populating the town know better. Living in Nocturne Falls means being yourself. Fangs and all.

Willa Iscove, fae jeweler, has her first stalker. Really, he’s just one of her lovesick customers. The ring she crafted to help him find new love has backfired, making Willa the object of his affections. In a bid to rid herself of her amorous client, Willa makes a wish in the Nocturne Falls fountain using the piece of opal in her pocket and in doing so, unknowingly conscripts as her guardian the sexy gargoyle on duty.

But then her stalker turns out to be the tip of the iceberg and things go really wrong, really fast. When Nick and Willa are both kidnapped, Willa is forced to make a hard decision. The life of her family or the freedom of the man she’s fallen for?

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 ScreenHunter_115 Mar. 09 10.21


I just love every visit to Nocturne Falls because it always leaves me happy!

Welcome to Nocturne Falls, the town where Halloween is celebrated 365 days a year. The tourists think it’s all a show: the vampires, the werewolves, the witches, the occasional gargoyle flying through the sky. But the supernaturals populating the town know better.

This book focuses on Nick, a Gargoyle who becomes one of the towns characters in order to oversee the town where some crimes have recently been reported and Willa the fae jeweller whose magical creations are far more than normal pieces of jewellery. They are magical works of art. Unfortunately Willa makes a ring for a rock troll who develops a stalkeresque fascination with willa.
Willa makes a wish at the town fountain where unknowingly, she binds the gargoyle to herself.

The title kind of gives the ending away but trust me when I say that this cozy supernatural mystery has a lot more to offer and I loved the journey. This is a wonderful book that is beautifully written!

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