Beautiful Liars (Sampler) Isabel Ashdown (review of the first 3 chapters)

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Release date :  TBC 2018







I was given access to the first 3 chapters of this novel. Here is my review on those chapters…

Rating based on the pages I had access to : 5 stars

This will be pretty brief given that I only read Part 1 and the first 3 chapters. However I gleaned a bit from the little I read.

Casey who is quiet a reclusive, unusual character and works as a proofreader mainly over the internet and post. With some of her mornings post she receives a letter addressed to the previous owner of the house (Liv) who Casey had developed a fascination with during the purchase of her house. Rather than returning it to the post office she opens it and finds a letter from Liv’s childhood friend and now famous television presenter Martha. She is hosting a new crime show and the first case that the show will be investigating is the disappearance of Liv and Martha’s close friend  Juliet Sherman who had disappeared about 18 years previously. Martha is asking to discuss the case and the show with Liv but it is Casey who chooses to pose as Liv and communicate with Martha via Email.

It had been at Martha’s suggestion that the first investigation should be of her long missing friend, even though she is aware that it could destroy her career and reputation if certain parts of her own past were uncovered during the shows investigations.



Ok, I admit there were a few other important pieces of information in those pages but I have tried to give you enough information to whet your appetite (and make you as eager for this intriguing read as I am!)

By the end of those chapters I still wasn’t sure of whose point of view Part One was taken from,  but I am extremely eager to find out because it is a perspective of an occurrence that sounds skewed by that person to justify their childhood actions.

Isabel Ashdown is a talented author and those pages that I had access to flowed beautifully with the information being provided. It is a compelling, absolutely fascinating start to Beautiful Liars


I was given an arc of the beggining book by the Publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review





8 thoughts on “Beautiful Liars (Sampler) Isabel Ashdown (review of the first 3 chapters)

    1. I am fine with doing a review on the three chapters that I read. I am always clear that it is a partial read and that I am only reviewing what I have read. I am always honest about my opinion. If I read three chapters and I disliked them then I would review that too. It’s the publishers choice to make this amount of the book available for this purpose. I can understand why you may choose not to, I guess it’s not for everyone.


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