Awakening. The Redeemer Chronicles, Book 1 Review (Audio book.)

Author: Julie C. Gilbert

Narrators: Caitlin Jacques

Length: 4 hours 24 minutes

Series: Redeemer Chronicles, Book 1

Publisher: Julie C. Gilbert

Released: Jan. 30, 2017

Genre: Fantasy

Being the Chosen One could kill her….
Victoria Saveron knows two things for certain. Dark forces want to kill her, and her friends have cooler powers than she does. Katrina can shapeshift and Tellen can tap into destructive magic currents.
Everything else is uncertain and rumors abound.
Victoria might be the Chosen One, whatever that means. Her father might be able to help them, but only if they can find him. Coldhaven’s villagers might be able to offer them food and shelter. Some fool might be running around unlocking Darkland portals to raise an undead army.
The further Victoria and her companions get on their journey, the more dangers and betrayals they face. They must awaken Vic’s true powers or forfeit the world.

Julie C. Gilbert teaches high school chemistry and writes in several genres, including nonfiction, fantasy, mystery, and science fiction. She lives in the money sign state (New Jersey) and can be found hoarding stickers and Star Wars toys.

Narrator Bio

Caitlin Jacques is both an awesome narrator and a stellar audio engineer. She lives in Washington.


My rating of this book is a 4 each for performance and story.

This really is a great introduction to the series.

Julie C. Gilbert weaves a wonderful story. I really liked the main 3 characters within the story and the way that the story unfolds. The characters have very defined personalities and I really liked how they interacted with each other. Sarah, a brave, wise, villager is another character that I really liked.  The wolfs identity is a surprise and a welcome one. This is not your average zombie story. The Zombies are not the main focus in this book. Battles between the different factions are the focus of this first story. Victoria is not confident in her abilities however her strength and self-belief develop as the story unfolds. The finale is brilliant! The narrator was the perfect choice for this book Caitlin Jacques narration delivered the book in a way that drew you into the story.

There is a lot of information given in the first few chapters which was necessary to follow the story but it was delivered in a way that didn’t overwhelm the listener. The personalities of the characters are well developed and the multiple points of view make the story easier to follow. The introduction of new characters is done smoothly and adds a steady build to the books conclusion.

The narration by Caitlin Jacques flows seamlessly despite the multiple points of view, she delivers an exciting dialogue that draws the listener into the story and the different characters voices are distinct and well chosen based on their characteristics.

I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Julie C. Gilbert. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.


6 thoughts on “Awakening. The Redeemer Chronicles, Book 1 Review (Audio book.)

    1. Hi, I have quite a wide range of genes that I like but this wasn’t one of them (zombies, other worlds) which showed me what a good audiobook this is because I really enjoyed it.
      I tend to go for paranormal/ supernatural genres. vampires, shifters and similar in my audio book choices but I have a huge range on my audible account.
      Doing reviews is encouraging me to explore other genres and it has been a positive experience for me. 🙂


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